Transcendental Commotion (Feb 12-18)

In the spring semester, SSTRAPP will focus on sound and bodies in motion. With guidance and support from choreographers, musicians and somatic practitioners, the week’s theory sessions will focus on sound as a located vibratory event, embodied listening and ideal sound; on resonant space, sonic affect, and the intentional order of auditory perception; on auditory streaming analysis, evolutionary musicology and the deep history of dance; on predictive coding and the ideomotor principle, motormimetic music and afrofuturist rhythmachines. These sessions will be accompanied by practical projects that explore various somatic and choreographic practices, including the relationship between sound and movement in dance and sound and the body through immersive sonic environments. As with the previous programs, you’ll work in groups to devise an installation or performance inspired by what you’ve learned, presenting on the final day.

Sonanced Bodies 

15 – 17 March

I: Sonance: The quality of a voiced sound which is musical in character.

II: Sonanced Bodies: Refers to the embodied experience of musical qualities in voiced sound, intertwining physical sensations with harmonious characteristics, to create a sensory connection between multiple bodies, forming a collective engagement with musical expression.

In March, artist Aliaskar Abarkas responds to previous SSTRAPP sessions with a three-day event at Bidston, transforming it into a vibrant space for sonic and somatic exploration. Guest artists will lead theory sessions, focusing on choreographic research within a communal context. 

Participants will engage in practical exercises, including vocal games, improvisation, ceremonies, and collective composition. This immersive journey seamlessly intertwines theory with practice, fostering an environment for musical and performative encounters. Delving into the realms of sonic and somatic expression, the gathering encourages a collaborative effort, emphasising shared creativity and the expressive potential inherent in communal making. As in previous programmes, participants will work in groups to devise sound installations or performances, culminating in a collective celebration of creativity and experimentation.

The minimum cost for accommodation at Bidston Observatory and meals during the three-day gathering will be £100.

Should you feel inclined to contribute more, your support would greatly assist in covering the planning and fees associated with organising events and workshops. We suggest a contribution range of £100 to £150, taking into consideration your income and trust. Your participation and contribution are highly valued.

If you would like to book please contact: aliaskar.abarkas@gmail.com