BOARC is a not-for-profit study site focused on providing individuals and groups with a low-cost, temporary residence where they can work on and develop their creative strategies. Based in a former observatory in Merseyside, it is an experimental project that primarily supports cultural production, social activism and the development of communities. It welcomes practitioners from a wide range of fields, offering them a space to test and share knowledge and resource and arrange collectively, regardless of their background or professional standing.

  The site is self-catering and accommodates up to 26 people, providing its users with ample workspace in the form of meeting and study rooms, workshops and studios, and heritage features such as the observatory domes. Surrounded by beautiful woodland, it is just 30mins from Liverpool City centre and connects easily to both Manchester and Liverpool Airports, as well as the M6.


“There’s a real sense of community at BIDSTON that just feels like magic – its such a supportive, creative space and every visit brings something new to the table and room to explore”

– Feedback from a stayer