SSTRAPP Queer Voices

SSTRAPP: Queer Voices 14-16 June

This workshop offers a journey into the extended ranges of the voice through sonic, somatic and mythopoetic investigations. Participants will explore how our cracked identities and queer ecologies shape our voices: the creative possibilities awaiting us within the visceral exploration of these fractured ecosystems. Nate Speare and Kate Holden facilitate a weekend beginning Friday 14 June at 6pm and ending at 2pm Sunday 16 June. As non-binary vocalists who work in traditions of extended-range singing, we explore whole body approaches to the voice, queer sounds that may not be considered normative, and permission to engage all parts of the voice and body. Using pathways such as the somatic, erotic, imaginal, astrological and archetypal, we will conduct a series of exploratory workshops, with time for self-reflection and discussion. Whether you’re a seasoned vocalist or simply curious about expanding your vocal potential, this workshop offers a safe and supportive space to deepen your practice and connection to your authentic voice.

Cost of this workshop is 90 GBP, with meals available for 12 GBP per day.