To launch SSTRAPP we’ll begin on Sep 23-24 with a weekend of discussion about sound, somatics, and SSTRAPP.

We do not yet know what SSTRAPP can be or do, so we’d like to invite artists and researchers interested in sound and somatics, or other relevant (in)disciplines, to come and think together with us about the form and content of the program and how it should unfold. This will not be a weekend of management and administration, nor of committee decision-making, but of active contemplation, wild deliberation, and unbridled speculation. SSTRAPP is concerned with exploring sound and somatics, but these terms mean different things to different people and across different disciplines, so we’re hoping to start collectively breaking out of any narrow understandings we might have, while also constructing a mutual ground for enabling self-organised research and practice. SSTRAPP is first of all a community gathered around shared interests but it also aims to host a para-academic program. Initiating this program is clearly a political act, so we’d like to foster an ongoing dialogue about the crisis of current forms of available education and research funding under conditions of neoliberal capitalism, and how best to provide para-academic alternatives. As we start to engage with these questions together we will also make space for some presentations, provocations, practices and performances across the weekend, using these to inform and affect our direction.

Come join us!